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Kicking off the Search API D8 port (again) in Szeged

Thu, 2013-12-19 20:44 -- drunken monkey

While it started energetically enough, the D8 port of the Search API didn't really get anywhere when I tried it this summer, due to a lack of time and, partly, plan. So, this time I'll try to plan ahead, take the time necessary and get everyone on board to help. So the Drupal 8 upgrade of the Search API (second try) will officially kick off at the Drupal Dev Days in Szeged.
If you want to help in any way, be there!

Search API Location overhauled

Fri, 2013-07-26 16:31 -- drunken monkey

One of the most sought-after features for the Search API has now finally been completely integrated. After Mattias Michaux implemented proximity searches almost two years ago, I was recently sponsored to polish his code and finally integrate it properly with all related modules, especially Solr search. So now, location support for the Search API is finally the just-enable feature it should be, with the Search API Location module and its new Beta 1 release.

Search API Solr search is stable!

Mon, 2013-06-10 18:55 -- drunken monkey

After being production-ready for a long while and having accumulated several thousand users, the Search API Solr Search project has now finally got a stable release. Included is the promise and hope that the configuration files and inner workings of the module are now insofar stable, as that future minor version upgrades won't require any re-indexing anymore.
If you are using an older version (especially pre-RC4), upgrade now and benefit from a range of new features and bug fixes!

Creating helpful documentation

Sun, 2013-06-09 12:00 -- drunken monkey

Good documentation helps both a module's maintainers and its users, and is quintessential for the success of at least more complex modules. That's why you, as a module maintainer, should not put this (admittedly rather unpopular) task off any further but write some helpful documentation rather sooner than later.

On a related note, I just set a good example by finally expanding the handbook documentation for the Search API, and adding some for the Solr search module as well. Go check it out!

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