Search API at DrupalCon Amsterdam

Mon, 2014-06-16 20:02 -- drunken monkey

DrupalCon Amsterdam is drawing closer, so I wanted to quickly share what you can expect regarding Search API at the conference.


For one, there are two sessions proposed concerned with the ongoing port of the Search API to Drupal 8: one talk proposed by Nick Veenhof that would explain what changes were made on the developers' side (and also summarizing the Search API for developers in general), and which I would co-present; and my usual “Building amazing searches with Search API” talk, known from previous years, but this year for the first time in Drupal 8.

Of course, the finally accepted sessions are still to be decided, but I do hope I will get the chance to (co-)present at least one of those.
I will also pretty surely register a BoF, once that possible, for all Search API users to have the chance to discuss the module a bit. Previous such meetings at other conferences have always proved very fruitful and interesting – and this year there is even the great chance to influence the Drupal 8 version before it's too late! ;)

Update: Sadly, both of these sessions have been rejected, there will only be a Search API BoF.


Speaking of that – the module's D8 version is being worked on feverishly, but it's pretty certain that there will still be lots to do in Amsterdam. We will probably have a working foundation, but still a lot of more or less optional improvements, maybe tests or documentation to write, and also certainly some related modules to port.
Therefore, after the great sprints we had in the previous months, I of course again registered a sprint for Amsterdam. If you are interested, please register here and mark at which days you plan to come to the conference. (As you see, I don't know this myself yet – the decision will be mostly based on when the most people are available for the sprint.)

In any case, I'd love to see you there!

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